What is Ikonfete?

 Ikonfete is a totally new way for you to connect with your favourite artist in their official fan team, get recognised by them, and enjoy unique exclusive experiences for your never-ending support!

Ikonfete makes it easier than ever to get noticed for your support by giving you points for simple everyday actions you perform on your social accounts such as re-tweeting your favourite artist, liking their photos, and even listening to their music. As you accumulate points each week, and rise up the rankings in your artist’s fan team, you increase your chances of getting noticed. All you have to do is stay committed and in no time your favourite artist will notice and reward you with unique exciting experiences for your never ending dedication!


How it Works

Fan Teams

Join your favourite artist’s fan team, connect with other passionate fans and share your experiences.

Curated Social Feeds

Always know what your favourite artist is up to, by keeping up with their Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram activity, all from one place.

Earn points for listening to music 

Earn points for your everyday actions, including listening to your favourite artist’s music on Spotify or local iTunes library.

Fete Score

As you support your artist, you can show everyone just how dedicated you are, with your very own Fete Score.

Become a Superfan

Rise through the ranks to become a Superfan, access VIP privileges, and get recognised by your favourite artist.

Exclusive Fan Experiences

Enjoy unique and luxurious experiences with the artists you love.

What are you waiting for?

Are you a passionate fan? Join the ranks of Superfans and start enjoying unique experiences with your favourites.


Featured on

Betalist Midemlab Music Startup Competition 2016 Angellist