Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an Ikon?

Not all celebrities are Ikons. Celebrities on Ikonfete are known as Ikons. We are committed to bringing your favourite Ikons on Ikonfete so that you can finally get to fete them.


What is a Fete Score?

Ikonfete monitors your interactions with your Ikon on your social accounts and gives you a Fete Score using an algorithm. The Fete Score is a number between 1 and 100 that represents your dedication to an Ikon. The Fete Score is a totally unique and easy way of measuring your dedication as a fan, for everyone and, most especially, your favourite Ikon to see.


How many Ikons can I fete?

On Ikonfete, every Ikon has an official fan team; however you can only belong to one fan team at a time. To join another fan team, you would have to leave the fan team you belong to. By being in only your favourite Ikon’s fan team, you are already letting them know how much of a loyal fan you are.


What platform is the Ikonfete app on?

The iOS app will be FREE to download from the App Store for iPhone users.


What services are you compatible with?

Currently, services integrated include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, iTunes. We plan to integrate more social networks and services across which users can engage with their Ikon’s content.