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The global music industry is a market that remains highly competitive, where the chances of success are far from guaranteed. It is also a very dynamic market, where music trends are constantly changing and artists are tasked with the difficult challenge of staying relevant not only through their music, but also through their personalities.

Throughout the years, the music industry has gone through many, many changes. Substantial revenue that enables musicians to carry on their careers is no longer gained through album sales. We are in the era of streaming and subscription services; and artists are having to discover new ways to generate fan dedication. We’ve seen how beneficial a fan base can be for an artist, take Taylor Swift who, through inspired PR, made $64 million in 2014. By using social media to its full effect to connect with her fans, she created a feeling of intimacy by sharing videos, pictures and messages. This galvanised her following from a dormant number on twitter to huge army of swifters who would do anything for their celebrity.

But, Taylor is just one of the few big name artists out there. How about emerging talent who don’t have the money to pump into a marketing agency? Shouldn’t they still be able to reward their fans in the same way, and reap the same benefits? Perhaps, a true understanding of the mutualism of fan-artist relationships is what it takes to inspire a fan base to the levels that Swift has managed. This is what Ikonfete provides, a platform for each fan to show their love and dedication, and for musicians to show appreciation back. Thus building a symbiotic relationship that is crucial for any star to truly make it these days.

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